Scholarships Available

What do a youngster who wants to go to JCC camp, a child with autism who would like to attend the JCC's Autistic Program, and a college freshman who could use a little help paying tuition all have in common? They all can benefit from the scholarship assistance provided by the JCA.

Scholarship programs have long been a part of our Jewish community and the merging of our agencies into the JCA has meant that the scholarships for camp, the autism program and college are centralized now and administered by a communal Scholarship Committee.

In addition to scholarship aid for camp, autistic programs, membership and programs for seniors, grants and loans are also available for education and training beyond high school such as technical, college and graduate school. These five programs of assistance for Jewish students graduating from local schools include:

1.    The Rella Roth Fund, named in honor of Rella Roth and provides loan assistance to eligible graduates

2.      The Betty Lieberman Sirotkin Fund provides loan assistance to disadvantaged or low income family students seeking assistance for college

3.      The Max Bartikowsky Scholarship Fund that provides loan assistance for Jewish students seeking support for graduate school

4.      The Gelb Fund provides grant assistance to Jewish students seeking some form of post high school education at a college or university

5.      The Lou Smith Scholarship Fund provides grant assistance for Jewish students attending Wilkes University who are members in good standing of the JCC

There is no interest on the loans and repayment is scheduled after completion of education.

Families and students desiring scholarships can contact Rick Evans or Denise Garofalo at 570.824.4646 confidentially to receive the required forms.


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