CoronaVirus Update 3-19-20

Dear Friends:
It has been an unprecedented set of days; since we've closed our doors - your support of us, of one another, and of Northeastern Pennsylvania has been nothing short of remarkable. 
In the days ahead, the JCC staff team will be ramping up the online resources, content, and engagement opportunities available. If you have an idea, want to connect with community members, or otherwise want to explore ways to demonstrate our values and celebrate our community (in the most social-distancing-sensitive way!) please reach out to us.
We are devising remote programs. We are gathering information from our community and ideas from our staff. At a distance, we will use technology to reach you. We are transforming programs that used to require walls with those that require hearts.     
At the Friedman JCC, we will be there for you and your families in every way possible in the weeks ahead. Together, let’s teach the next generation our values of love and friendship, of community.   
This was and still is a partnership. As we continue to service the most vulnerable in our community, we need you. We need you to tell us how we can support you. We need your feedback on the new ways we are reaching out. We need you to know that a wider community is far better than any individual “sheltering in place” without a community beside you. We need you to stay with us. 
When asked to renew your membership, please do so. When asked to support those who need you, please do so. When asked to help a community to sustain itself, please join us in being part of the solution. 
Each morning, when you are developing your list of essentials, make sure we’re on it. In the days ahead, the Friedman JCC staff will continue to develop virtual resources and engagement opportunities bringing our programs beyond our walls.
Thank you for the time to build a strong foundation for the continuation of service to our community. During these difficult days, we will be doing everything we can to assist you and your families. We know that however long our society is at a distance, it will be temporary, and we are counting the days till we can again welcome you with open arms. 
Wishing you good health and safety.
Gary Bernstein
Chief Executive Officer
We Value Your Opinion
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Barbara Sugarman
Director of Adult & Cultural Programs 
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Senior Resource Director
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