CoronaVirus Update

March 13, 2020
Dear Jewish Community Center Members & Friends:
As we together face the growing reality of the Coronavirus, we have developed a plan to prevent and address the spread of the virus. It is important that we move forward proactively with the knowledge that there is no reason to panic. There is every reason to seize the moment right now to implement a comprehensive program of prevention through making common sense adjustments to our normal ways of maintaining personal hygiene and social interaction as the key to avoiding the spread of the virus.
The Staff and the Executive Committee of the Jewish Community Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania is making the following recommendations:
  • Keep up to date with state guidance about the virus by regularly checking the CDC website.
  • Follow all local, state and federal recommendations for prevention and containment of the coronavirus.
  • JCA is suspending all JCC hosted public gatherings, group activities and programs that have over 50 people beginning Monday, March 16, as well as this weekend's Community Kiddish, which will be rescheduled.
  • Social distancing is the key to preventing the spread of the virus. Please refer to this article in the Atlantic for perspective on this decision:
  • We have implemented virus-safe daily practices and are consistently using antiseptic cleaning on all surfaces.
Daily operations of the Jewish Community Center will continue throughout this crisis in consultation with local authorities and leadership of our Jewish Community Center.
I am confident, if we all implement all these measures to put comprehensive hygiene and social distancing protocols in place, we will stay ahead of this and help to prevent serious illness within our community.
Let’s do all we can to help each other stay healthy!
Thank you
Gary Bernstein
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Community Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Friedman Jewish Community Center
613 S.J. Strauss Lane
400 Third Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704
570-824-4646 x200