CoronaVirus - The JCC is closed effective March 16th

March 14, 2020
Dear Friends, 
In anticipation of a mandated closure of recreation and childcare facilities, the Friedman JCC leadership team has made a difficult decision to suspend regular operations of all programs and services effective Monday, March 16 until at least March 27th. We will continue to keep you informed via electronic communication and social media as events warrant.
We are not aware of any reports of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 at the JCC. We are taking this step because we are listening to health experts who say the best way to keep everyone safe is to practice social distancing. 
The JCC will be open during normal hours on Sunday, March 15. We ask that you take this opportunity to remove any belongings you might have at the JCC to facilitate a planned deep cleaning during the closure. Several other maintenance projects may be undertaken during this time, and your cooperation is appreciated.
We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Because so much of our work at our buildings is about bringing people together, this feels like the right time to think out of the box and serve our community beyond our buildings. We are so proud of the community we have built in just a short time—our older adults who are here every week, our adults with special needs, our Parkinson's participants, along with the infants and toddlers and everybody in between. We are committed to keeping everyone who walks through our doors safe and healthy. 
Sometimes the right thing to do is also the hardest thing to do. We know that now more than ever, many in our community will feel more isolated as a result of our decision. 
There is so much we don't know and yet what we know is also powerful. We know that we are responsible for one another. We know that at times like this, generosity expands our sense of well-being. We know that when we are kinder and more caring, we not only help others but feel better ourselves as well. 
Most of our staff will be working remotely during this time. We want to give a huge shout out to them. They are the most dedicated folks we have ever seen and are balancing their own health concerns, travel issues, and family challenges along with the rest of us. We are all stronger for their commitment and dedication. As our staff is occupied prioritizing health and safety and reorganizing certain operations, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this unique and unprecedented situation.
At the end of the day, the board of directors and the staff made this decision together. We did so with tremendous thoughtfulness and care for the community and staff. It is in just these moments when we understand how important the community/professional relationship really is, and ours is quite extraordinary. We want to publicly thank the members of our board for their wisdom and support as we navigate these rough seas. We hope to have better news in the weeks to come. 
We are a strong community and we know we will get through this together. In the meantime, please do everything you can to stay healthy and ensure the health of those around you. 
Best wishes,
Gary Bernstein                                                          David Lantz
Chief Executive Officer                                            President