Cheder Menachem

60 South River St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

P: 570-217-7624

Cheder Menachem is founded on the fundamental principle of "Chanoch L'naar Al Pi Darko', educate a child according to HIS-the child's - way. To this end Cheder Menachem seeks to create an environment where each student is given the space for his strengths to shine and for his weaknesses to be addressed. We also seek to educate the whole child, allowing Torah to become his way of life. The administration and faculty of Cheder Menachem combine contemporary educational methodology with fundamental Torah precepts hat best facilitate the internalization of Torah values and knowledge. Cheder Menachem has been in existence for 6 years. We provide a superior education while simultaneously providing a fun and safe environment for the children. Our staff is hardworking, experienced, dedicated and each teacher is personally concerned with each and every child. Our classes are small to assure each child's needs are being met. Our students are not just top performers in school, but also grow up to be fine, pleasant proud Jews in the society around them.

Come visit to see how Cheder Menachem is the place for your child. We are located in the JCC of Wyoming Valley. We currently meet the needs of students through 6th grade. To visit or to receive more information, please contact our school principal Rachel Lea Perlman or administrator Rabbi Yehuda Green.