Today’s Jewish community, in and around Greater Wilkes-Barre, faces a unique opportunity to secure its future and to regenerate a new sense of community and purpose. Our community is smaller than it once was, but every bit as vibrant and engaged. It is time for a new central meeting place to encourage educational, recreational, social, and cultural activities under one roof. We will create a Center that reflects the community we have become.


“ As prior generations provided for us, the Friedman Jewish Community Center provides future generations a solid foundation from which to grow
and prosper. This state-of-the-art Center will also position our Jewish community as an important resource for the entire region.”

Paul Lantz
Past President, Jewish Community Alliance of NEPA

The Center will be a more efficient and productive use of our changing resources . . . for years ahead.”

— Laurie Schwager
Community and Campaign Leader


“ As we look ahead, we’re seeing an exciting period of transition and rebirth of the local Jewish community,
and the Center project creates momentum and a more positive outlook.”

— Michael Weiss
Past Federation Chair

“ Returning to Wilkes-Barre with my wife is a decision that we made together, based on the promise of avibrant community and one that the new campus will certainly propel.”

— Dr. Jason Nataupsky


Join Us!

At the Center, members of our community will interact with one another and affirm our beautiful traditions and culture. In addition, the entire region will take pride in a new model of cooperation, consolidation, and creative partnerships. Imagine the possibilities for the future of our community. Invest in the Friedman Jewish Community Center today!