27 2019

Behind The Scenes of Saturday Night Live with Jan Kasoff

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

Friedman Jewish Community Center 613 S.J. Strauss Lane
Kingston, PA

Contact Barbara Sugarman
570-824-4646 x246

LIVE FROM NEW YORK, it's Jan Kasoff, 8-time Emmy Award winning NBC Television cameraman.  Jan will share stories about his life behind the camera, the personalities he worked with and lots of backstage scoop. He will also show video clips answer your questions about SNL and the television industry.

Jan Kasoff was a cameraman for the NBC Television Network for 36 years, working as a cameraman for Saturday Night Live. He also worked for the News & Sports Divisions covering:

- The Olympics
- Watergate Hearings
- National political conventions
- Meet the Press
- NBC Nightly News
- Major League Baseball and National Football League games

Jan also worked in NBC's Entertainment Division where he filmed various soap operas, game shows and specials. Jan won six Primetime Emmy Awards for Saturday Night Live plus two for sports coverage of the Olympics.

For more information and to make reservations call Barbara 570-824-4646.