Tallis Weaving at the JCC

Steve Nachlis, Weaving Program Director, Ext 237.

Are you interested in weaving at the JCC? Want a tallis? How about a new tallis bag? How about weaving matzah and afikomen bags for Passover?

The JCC of Wyoming Valley is the only Center in the US that we know of, to have a weaving program. Created in 1966, the program provides members at a discount, and non-members with the opportunity to weave heirloom garments for their sons, daughters, grandchildren, husbands, wives or other family and friends – or even for themselves. You do not have to know how to weave or even be someone who has done creative handiwork in the past. The Loom Room staff will guide you through the process. With our help, you can weave.


Are you and your friends all invited to the same affair? Why not get together on a gift and weave a tallis or even a wedding chuppah? What a beautiful joint gift from all of you. A gift that would be treasured for years to come.


Don’t miss your chance to participate in the ancient art of Tallis weaving. Stop by the Loom Room on the second floor and see the program in action.


The JCC Loom Room has spaces available to weave. New this year we will be weaving matching matzah and afikomen bags. The finished matzah bag will have separations for the top, bottom and middle matzoh. The afikomen bag will close to be suitable for hiding. What a special way to add to your Passover traditions. If interested, call and sign up now to assure yourself a spot to weave.


Remember–you do not have to be crafty, handy or a weaver. The experienced Loom Room staff will help you from design to completion. Everyone can weave at the JCC weaving room.


Questions or want to sign up? Call the JCC at 570-824-4656 and ask for the Loom Room, ext. 237. If we are not there, please leave a message and someone will call you back.