BBYO - Recent Events

Tournies 2014

Congratulations for second place at Tournies!

WOW Convention

Wilkes-Barre BBYO had the pleasure of hosting Liberty Region at Genetti's Hotel & Conference Center April 11-13 2014. The weekend was full of programs including an Improv Group from Philadelphia, Identity programs, BBYO's infamous Havdalah Service, the annual Beau/Sweetheart Dance and reg…

Chocolate Seder

This was a unique opportunity to demonstrate a Seder using chocolate with our Interfaith friends. It was great experience to share our tradition plus there was plenty of chocolate for everyone! Thank you to Jason Schwartz & Olivia Winters for coordinating the program!


We had a great afternoon spending time with the community volunteering at activity booths during the Purim carnival. It was fun to see all the kids in costume and to hang out with our friends!

Advisor Appreciation Day

Jason: Thank you everyone for a great Advisor Appreciation Day! As I said at dinner I am honored to share in your BBYO experience and am constantly inspired by you and your commitment to making Wilkes-Barre the best chapter it can possible be! I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to …