Members in Perpetuity 


The concept for Members in Perpetuity, initiated by Louis Smith, the Center’s first Executive Director, had its inception in 1957 as a means of continuing a strong, stable membership, while at the same time perpetuating the family name in the ongoing day-to-day history of the JCC. There are 176 families presently enrolled as Members in Perpetuity. We thank them for their generosity and continuing support. We want to give a special “thank you” to those who contribute above and beyond expectations. These members provide much needed additional support to the Center through their dues. Members in Perpetuity and Benefactors are additionally honored on plaques on the walls outside the Smith Room. You and your family can become members in perpetuity by contacting Rick Evans.

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Baltimore
*Mr. & *Mrs. Louis Baltimore
Ms. Lynn D. Baltimore
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Baltimore
*Mr. & *Mrs. Bernard Bartikowsky
Anna Cervenak & Max Bartikowsky
Drs. Mark & Barbara Bell
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sidney Berkowitz
*Dr. & *Mrs. Benjamin Berley
Dr. Frank & Sally Berman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Joseph Berman
*Mr. Harry Berman & *Mr. Stuart Berman
*Dr. Sydney Berman
*Dr. & *Mrs. Harold Berson
*Col. & *Mrs. Samuel Bloch, Jr.
*Mr. & *Mrs. Benjamin Bravman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Philip Bravman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Bernard Burnat
*Dr. & *Mrs. Milton H. Burnat
Mr. & *Mrs. Robert S. Capin
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Chariton
*Mr. & *Mrs. Ben Cohen
*Mr. & *Mrs. Benjamin Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Davidowitz
Mr. & Mrs. William Davidowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Seymour Dimond
*Mr. & *Mrs. Charles Donin
*Bernard Donin & *Irma Phyllis Donin
*Mr. & *Mrs. Frank Eisenstein
*Mr. & *Mrs. Ben Epstein
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Falkowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Henry Fein
*Mr. & *Mrs. S. M. Feldman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Abe Fierman
Dr. Alan Fierverker
*Mr. & *Mrs. Harry Fierverker
*Mr. & *Mrs. David Fischman
*Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Fortinsky
Dr. & Mrs. Louis J. Freedman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Elwood Fried
*Dr. & *Mrs. Alfred W. Friedman
*Mr. & *Mrs. A. H. Gallow
*Mr. & *Mrs. Joseph A. Goldman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Eugene Goldstein
*Mr. & *Mrs. Isador Gonchar
*Dr. Daniel and Bernice Gordon
*Mr. Morris Gorgold
*Mr. Philip Gorgold
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Greenberg
Dr. & Mrs. David Greenwald
*Mr. & * Mrs. Henry Greenwald
*Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Grossman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Fred Harrison
*Mrs. Enid Hershey
*Mr. Joseph Hirsh
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sam Hirshowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Max Holtzman
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Holtzman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Jacob G. Isaacs
*Mr. & *Mrs. Albert Justan
*Mr. & *Mrs. Irving Katz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Simon Kaufer
*Mr. & *Mrs. Herman Kerber
*Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Kleinman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Maurice Kluger &
*Mrs. Barbara Lois Weinberg
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sam Kornfeld
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sol Krohn
*Mr. Nathan I. Kuss & *Mrs. Miriam Cohen Kuss
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Landau
*Mr. & *Mrs. Hyman Landau
*Mr. & *Mrs. Isadore Landau
*Mr. & *Mrs. Nat Landau
*Barry & Sandy Lefkowitz
*Lillian & *Harold Lefkowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. B. J. Levin
*Mr. & *Mrs. David Levison
*Mr. & *Mrs. Nat Levy
*Mr. & *Mrs. David Libenson
*Mr. & *Mrs. Jacob Libenson
*Mr. William Liebman
*Mrs. Rose Gorgold Liebman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Max Lieberman
*Mr. & *Mrs. Clinton M. Long
*Mr. & *Mrs. Max Lottman
Dr. Edwin L. Lyons

*Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Mager
*Mr. & *Mrs. Louis Maslow
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Mermelstein
*Mr. & *Mrs. Charles Meyer
*Mr. & *Mrs. Harry L. Mitchneck
*Mr. Edward Morris
*Mr. Raymond Morris
*Mr. & *Mrs. Samuel Z. Moskowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Morris Nachlis
*Mr. & *Mrs. Alfred E. Nelson
*Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Nelson
*Mr. & *Mrs. Mendel Nelson
*Mr. & *Mrs. Morris J. Nelson
*Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Nelson
*Mr. & *Mrs. Morris Perloff
*Mr. & *Mrs. Charles Pfifferling, Sr.
*Mr. & *Mrs. Nat H. Popky
*Mr. & *Mrs. Harry Prashker
Mr. & *Mrs. Robert Prashker
*Mr. & *Mrs. Jacob S. Raub
*Mr. & *Mrs. Abraham Rifkin
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Rifkin
*Mr. & *Mrs. David Rifkin
*Mr. & *Mrs. Jack Rifkin
*Mr. & *Mrs. Bert Robins
*Mr. & *Mrs. Ben Robzen
*Mr. & *Mrs. Samuel Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Rosenn
*Judge & *Mrs. Max Rosenn
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Roth
*Mr. & *Mrs. Max Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rothstein
*Mr. & *Mrs. Isaac Rothstein
*Mr. & *Mrs. Harry Rudolph
*Mr. Mendy Rudolph
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Saidman
*Dr. & *Mrs. Lester M. Saidman
Sheila Saidman, Esq. &
Dr. Steven Kafrissen
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sam Savitz
*Dr. & Mrs. Albert Schiowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Morris Schiowitz
*Mr. & Mrs. Morton Schiowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Nathan Schiowitz
*Mr. Robert Marc Schub
Jill Schwartz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Barnet L. Schwartzbach
*Ms. Rosalind Schwartzbach
*Mr. & *Mrs. Sanford Schwartzbach
*Mr. Israel Schwarzbarth & *Goldie Schwarzbarth Fried
*Mr. & *Mrs. Louis Shaffer
*Mr. & *Mrs. Joseph Shapiro
*Mr. & *Mrs. A. W. Sirkin
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Slomowitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Elick Smith
*Mrs. Julia Lieberman Smith
*Mr. & *Mrs. Louis Smith
*Mr. & *Mrs. Harry Smulovitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Isaac Smulovitz
*Mr. Julius Long Stern
*Mrs. Julius Long Stern Bentley
*Mr. & *Mrs. Herman Sternlieb
Dr. & * Mrs. Sanford B. Sternlieb
*Mr. & *Mrs. Irving L. Swartz
*Mr. & *Mrs. David Thalenfeld
Mr. John Thalenfeld
*Dr. & *Mrs. Max Tischler
*Eva & * Ida Trachtenberg
Mr. & *Mrs. Melvin Warshal
*Mr. & *Mrs. Peter Weinstock
*Mr. & *Mrs. Aaron Weiss
*Mr. & *Mrs. Morris Weiss
*Mr. & Mrs. Morton B. Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Stanford L. Weiss
*Mr. & *Mrs. Charles Weissman
*Mr. Oscar Weissman
*Mrs. Charlotte Weissman Lewis
*Mr. Isaac Werner
*Mr. & *Mrs. Milton Wiener
*Mr. & *Mrs. Max Wruble
*Mr. Sidney H. Wruble
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Yuskovitz
*Mr. & *Mrs. Samuel Zarembo
*Mr. & *Mrs. Abe Zatcoff
*Mr. Ira Zatcoff
*Mr. & *Mrs. Joseph Zatcoff
*Mr. & *Mrs. Paul Zatcoff
*Mr. & *Mrs. Samuel Zatcoff
*Mr. & *Mrs. Emory Ziegler


*Of Blessed Memory