The various contributions available at the Jewish Community Center provide a thoughtful and meaningful way to remember friends, loved ones and special occasions. A special message without mention of contribution amount, is sent to the person or family in whose memory or honor the gift is made.


Contributions can be made in memory of or in honor of a loved one to the JCC General Fund or any fund of your choosing, in any amount. Minimum Donation: $5.00. You can also make contributions online at Minimum for online contributions is $20.00. (Various donations can be made at one time). A list of all funds is listed on our website. Contact the Center for information on funds that you might be interested in supporting.

Rifkin Resource Center

Book donations are accepted by the Rifkin Resource Center of the JCC. A book can be donated in memory of or in honor of a loved one. A new book will be purchased for the library, and a book plate will be placed inside describing the donation. The cost for donating a book is $36.00. An entire shelf of books can be purchased for $1,000.


Endowments are available in all of our programs. Help our JCC by remembering or honoring a loved one.


Sponsorships are available in our sports & camp programs. Call 824-4646 for information.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Sculpture in our lobby was created by the renowned artist Sanford Werfel at the studio of Warner Lane Inc., in New Brunswick, NJ. The branches of the tree form the Hebrew words "Etz Chaim". The stones at the base of the tree are symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The golden leaves and stones may be inscribed to commemorate such joyous events as births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations; or to honor parents, family or friends; or to memorialize departed loved ones.
Cost: Stones $1,200 Leaves $125.

JCC Holiday House Camp Walkway

The JCC Camp Committee is offering members the chance to purchase engraved commemorative pavers. The pavers are installed at the entrance to the dining hall at the JCC.

The pavers can be purchased to recognize any past or present camper, counselor, family members, friend or special occasion. Two sizes are available, 4" X 8" for $50.00 and 8" X 8" for $100.00, inscribed with the message of your choice. All proceeds will benefit the JCC Day Camp. Don't miss this opportunity to take your place in history and be a lasting part of the JCC Camp for decades to come. Contact Denise at the JCC at 824-4646 if you are interested in purchasing a paver. All proceeds from the Walkway will benefit the JCC Day Camp Climbing Tower.